Post-Prom Party Movie Package Ideas

Post-Prom Party Movie Package Ideas

Post-Prom Party Movie Package Ideas

Post-Prom Party Movie Package Ideas

Post-Prom Movie Package Ideas

The prom after-party has, over the years, become synonymous with sex, drugs, and drinking. It’s no wonder parents and school administrators across the country have teamed up to offer their own post-prom alternatives.

Whether you are planning a school event, or you prefer planning your own after-prom party with your teen.  Together you can decide the party’s start and end times, how many guests you can handle and who will be invited.

Let us at Premiere Outdoor Movies help you make your post-prom party run smoothly!

Movie Package Ideas

  • Backyard Movie Package. The 16-foot movie screen accommodates 5-75 guests.  We offer high definition projection on state-of-the-art, two-story screens and top that off with a concert-grade sound system. We can change your post-prom party into an entertainment venue that your guests will be talking about all year. You can add music, gaming, and of course, fresh popcorn from one of our antique-style popcorn machines.
  • Premiere Movie Package.  Our 21-foot outdoor movie theater screen is the right size for 75 to 250 people. When the crowds are larger, you need a larger screen! Our Premiere movie package is perfect for larger post-prom gatherings.  Movies are an experience that can bring people together.
  • Blockbuster Movie Package. This 26-foot movie screen is perfect for 250-500 people.  Blockbuster movie package includes all of the technical equipment and personnel with expertise that you need for a group of 250 to 500 people to enjoy a movie outside. Bring your community together with an amazing entertainment event projected on a huge screen.

Other Party Tips

  • Start planning for it early.  There are many details to planning the after-Prom party, so getting an early start can be very beneficial.
  • Have it at school. If your Prom is also being held at your school, having the after-Prom party there, too, is a benefit; no one can leave easily. Get a decorating committee together to jazz up hallways, foyers, etc.
  • Make it clear that you won’t allow gate-crashers. This is extremely important if the party is at a residence. Otherwise, the party could easily grow out of control. If an invited guest has been drinking when he arrives at the party, call his parents to come to pick them up.
  • Get an advance agreement with your teen on the party rules. Critical agreements such as no drinking or drugs; no smoking; no leaving the party and then returning; and no turning off the lights or using rooms that you’ve declared off-limits are vitally important.
  • Greet guests at the door. Your teen will want you to keep a low profile and stay out of sight, but realistically you need to circulate. Serve food in small quantities so you can use the excuse of replenishing supplies to keep an eye on the festivities.
  • Check your yard periodically. If you have a large number of guests, invite a few other parents, both to keep you company and to help keep order. This is one of the last opportunities for parents of your seniors to do something special for their kids. It’s a sure bet many of them will want to get involved. It’s also smart to alert your neighbors.
  • Don’t serve alcohol. This should go without saying, but some parents assume that high-school seniors will inevitably drink on prom night and feel it’s better for them to do it under parental supervision. The truth is no matter how you look at it, serving alcohol to minors is illegal and you can be found criminally or civilly liable if anyone at the party, including the intoxicated teen, gets hurt.

The Post Prom Takeaway

Teens are always looking for new and fresh after prom ideas. Regardless of if you’re planning the school’s after-prom party or you’re looking for ideas of things to do after the big dance, a little creativity is all you need to come up with some great ideas for after the prom.

Contact us whether you are in New Jersey Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Maryland, you provide the venue and Premiere Outdoor Movies can provide what you need to make your event a success they will talk about for years!