Looking For Great Family Reunion Ideas? We Have You Covered!

Looking For Great Family Reunion Ideas? We Have You Covered!

Looking For Great Family Reunion Ideas? We Have You Covered!

Looking For Great Family Reunion Ideas? We Have You Covered!

Planning a family reunion is a major task! It will no doubt conjure up a mixture of excitement and worry. However, making the most of the family time together, having engaging activities ready and creating amazing memories is attainable.

With some creativity and advance planning, you can organize and plan a memorable family reunion that everyone will talk about for years. At Premiere Outdoor Movies we have you covered!

Family Reunion Movie Package Ideas

  • Backyard Movie Package. The 16-foot movie screen accommodates 5-75 guests.  We offer high definition projection on state-of-the-art, two-story screens and top that off with a concert-grade sound system. We can change your reunion into an entertainment experience that your family will be talking about for years to come. You can add music, gaming, and of course, fresh popcorn from one of our antique-style popcorn machines.
  • Premiere Movie Package.  Our 21-foot outdoor movie theater screen is the right size for 75 to 250 people. When the family gathering is larger, you need a larger screen! Our Premiere movie package is perfect for larger family reunion gatherings.  Movies are an experience that can bring a family together.
  • Blockbuster Movie Package. This 26-foot movie screen is perfect for 250-500 people.  Blockbuster movie package includes all of the technical equipment and personnel with expertise that you need for a group of 250 to 500 people to enjoy a movie outside. Bring your family together with an amazing entertainment event projected on a huge screen.

4 Additional Activity Ideas

  1. Create a simple trivia game. The rules can vary, but the point is to gather everyone around and ask simple trivia questions about things like the oldest family member in attendance, the youngest, how many generations are present and so forth. Tally points for each question answered so that you can award prizes to the relatives with the most points at the end.
  2. Have a family treasure hunt. This isn’t just for the kids.  Make a list of items to find on a scavenger hunt, family members young and old can find joy in this fun and thoroughly entertaining game. Hide clues that lead to big prizes to make it even more challenging and rewarding.
  3. Ask members to contribute a family recipe potluck. Each family that attends your reunion will probably have favorite recipes of their own, often recipes passed down through generations. Ask family members to bring a time-honored food and the recipe to share with everyone.
  4. Invite a caricature artist. Family members can hire a caricature artist to draw portraits of family members during the reunion. Several artists may be needed in the case of a large reunion. Not only is the drawing of a portrait entertaining, but it is also an awesome memento of the event.

The Family Reunion Takeaway

Family reunions are meant to be fun, memorable and enriching get-togethers for extended families to come together and reconnect. Don’t let the plans overwhelm you, most importantly, enjoy yourself! Don’t get so caught up in plans and details that you can’t appreciate this time with your family.

Family reunions are a great way to bring your loved ones together as you celebrate and explore your common roots and are worth your every effort. Family reunions can also serve as milestones in the maturing process of younger family members.

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