Top 5 Superhero Films to Watch in Your Backyard

Top 5 Superhero Films to Watch in Your Backyard

At Premiere Outdoor Movies, we have a passion for films. We make it easy to rent an outdoor movie screen in Philadelphia, so you can share your favorite films and events with your guests. Speaking of films, this month we’re focusing on some of the newer audience favorites.

Since 2000, superhero movies have surged in popularity; this year, five superhero films have been released, with one more forthcoming. Undeniable powerhouses, these movies have routinely broken box-office records and caused an unprecedented uptick in the popularity of comic book heroes.

Here are our picks for the top five superhero films to watch in your backyard.

● Guardians Of The Galaxy – Taking place in a far-off galaxy, Guardians is considered among the elite Marvel movies. A fast-paced, action-packed but comedic plot delivers laughs and fight scenes you just can’t seem to take your eyes off of. Perhaps the best part about screening the film is that you don’t have to know anything about any of the other Marvel films. This story lives by itself, so everyone from hardcore fans to those who haven’t seen any of the others can enjoy.
● The Dark Knight – The only superhero film to ever win an acting Oscar, the second film in the Dark Knight Trilogy is a masterpiece of acting and direction. Commonly considered among the best movies made in the past decade, The Dark Knight is a modern classic, and one that people are never tired of seeing.
● The Incredibles – One of Pixar’s finest films, The Incredibles tells a clean but captivating superhero tale. Fantastic animation, clear references to other heroes and emotional moments the way only Pixar can manage, make this a great film to show to guests, particularly if there are a few younger ones in the audience.
● Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Another powerhouse Marvel film, Winter Soldier has spy-espionage intrigue, amazingly choreographed fight-scenes and very timely subject matter. Following Captain America on his journey as a rogue agent, the film has a few major twists and enough action to keep everyone watching until the final post-credits sequence.
● X-Men: Days of Future Past – Possibly the best X-Men film, Days of Future Past tells the story of a quest through time to save the future. Despite being future sci-fi, a period-piece, a time-travel story and a superhero film, the plot is easy to follow for fans and newcomers alike as the important characters are all given an introduction. The film has something to offer for everyone and is a perfect jumping-off point for all the X-Men movies.
● (Bonus Pick) Deadpool – Despite being rated R, Deadpool is a fantastic film for superhero fans. Jam-packed with one liners and intensely gory action, it may not be appropriate for the younger crowd, but is one of the best examples of what a superhero movie can do when it goes off the rails.

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