Level Up! 10 Tips on Throwing an Unforgettable Video Game Party

Level Up! 10 Tips on Throwing an Unforgettable Video Game Party

Whether you’re video game-obsessed or just looking for a creative idea for your next party that your guests are sure to love, a video game party is always a great choice.

With countless games and themes to choose from, you can plan a video game party no matter what age group you’re working with or the interests of your guests.

But throwing a memorable get together is about more than just setting up a console and letting your friends take turns playing.

Keep reading to learn 10 essential tips to throwing an unforgettable video game party.

1. Find the Biggest TV

Unless your gamer party is only going to have a few people, you’re looking at crowding quite a few bodies around a single television screen. If you have more than one TV in your home, you’re going to want to pick the largest one.

If your TV is too small and your friends who aren’t playing can’t see the screen, they’ll lose interest. This leads to cliques forming and other conversations going on, which will kill the party mood, turning your fun event into a normal night hanging with friends.

If you’re going to have more than 5 or so friends over, even a 50 inch or larger TV won’t be big enough for everyone to see. Hosting a big gamer party where everyone gets a front-row seat requires something a bit more drastic, like a massive outdoor screen.

2. Choose Games that Encourage Team Play or Rotation

No matter how devoted your friends are to a particular game, everyone gets bored spending hours watching someone else play.

If you want to host a fun gamer party that will have everyone laughing and having a great time, it’s best to stick to games that are multiplayer, can be played in teams, or that allow for shorter rotation times. That way everyone gets a chance to play!

3. Keep it Classic

Many modern games are complicated and designed to be played continuously by one person for a long period of time. You advance through new levels, earn new credits, and learn the strategies of the game.

This makes many modern games poor gamer party ideas.

For a fun alternative that’s great for letting everyone play, keep it classic.

Old-school video games are not only better for sharing play, but are also a fun way to mix it up and ensure that your party is unique!

4. Make a Bracket

To help make sure that everyone gets a chance to play, and encourage some healthy competition, make a bracket for your party!

Your bracket can assign who plays against who for the first round of the game. Then, the winner of each pair moves on to the next round, continuing on until you have a single winner.

To make it even more fun and competitive, have prizes ready for the winner or winner. It doesn’t even have to be something expensive; you can easily make a funny trophy out of items you’d find at the dollar store!

5. Pick a Theme

The best video gaming party ideas are those that bring your whole party together for maximum effect. A theme is a great way to do this.

Throwing a video game theme party is a fun way to guide everything from your decorations to your food to your game choices.

Your theme could be classic video games, a decade theme like the 1970s or 1980s, or even themed after a specific game.

6. Send Out Invites

To get your guests in the mood and boost your chances of better attendance, consider sending out invites ahead of time.

If you have picked a theme, you invites are the first chance to set the stage for it.

But even if you don’t go with a theme party, invites give you a chance to let your guests know the details and to request an RSVP. As long as your friends follow your directions, this will give you an opportunity to plan your food and more for the right number of party guests.

7. Have Enough (Comfy) Seating

The last thing you want is for your guests to be uncomfortable. And while folding chairs will give everyone a spot to sit, it’s far from a comfortable way to play video games for a few hours.

Surprise and delight your guests by providing comfortable seating for everyone.

If you’re hosting an outdoor party, spread out plenty of blankets in the space and toss out as many throw pillows and cushions as you can find.

If you’re squeezing everyone indoors, use comfy chairs and couches for your main seating, and then make room for everyone else with bean bag chairs, throw pillows, and other soft options.

8. Pack Away Clutter

When you’re trying to fit lots of people, food, drinks, and video game controllers into a small space, every little extra decoration gets in the way.

If you have picture frames, table lamps, and other small decor out on end tables or coffee tables, consider packing these away during your party. This will not only give you some extra space, but will also prevent anything from getting damaged.

9. Arrange the Space

If you’re restricted on how much room you have for your guests to sit, you may not be able to do much about the layout of your space. But if you have any room at all, arrange your seating so that everything faces towards the screen.

This will keep your guests from having to turn or crane their necks to see the game. It will also help keep the focus on the game play rather than getting distracted.

10. Keep Non-Players Occupied

If your party runs long and too many guests haven’t gotten a chance to play in a while, they’ll likely get bored. They’ll likely turn to their phones for distraction.

To keep your party from turning into a snooze-fest, give the non-players options for what to do.

From board games to fun outdoor games like cornhole or yard Twister are great for everyone else to do while the

Hosting the Perfect Video Game Party

Hosting a video game party is a great way to get your friends laughing and having a good time, while also fostering a little healthy competition.

Whether you choose to keep it small with a few close friends or go big, with a little smart planning you can make sure you have everything you need to make it a fun time that your guests won’t soon forget.

If you want to make sure that every guest can see the screen, while also making a major statement, hosting an outdoor party is an inflatable screen is the way to go. Check out these tips next to learn how to plan an amazing outdoor party.